CVR Home GmbH - Kosovo Branch is a German Company registered in the Republic of Kosovo with the Registration Number 810014910.

Kosovo Branch of CVR-Home GMBH is a leading adviser to firms, asset managers and project owners, representing clients ranging from domestic private investors residing in Kosovo to some of the largest Businesses in the Balkan Region. Our international team advises on regulatory and compliance matters, investigations by regulatory authorities, project financing and operational management. We serve as bridge between project holders and financing bodies for feasible projects. We also advise on the operational integration of diversified financial funds, tax, regulatory compliance, and international trade easing.

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Intermediating of International Trade of a variety of Goods
Recently registered in the republic of Kosovo, a country standing at the doors of EU, which is fully regulated in compliance with the European Law practices, our Registered Agent with his team offers high quality services in the role of intermediating and easing the international Trade of various goods to regional traders who do not have the financial and goodwill value to issue financial instruments widely used for international trade of goods. We counsel firms, their advisers, boards, and financial directors. Through pledging our value we offer to them the services of issuing financial trade instruments transferable to the beneficiary of the payment and covering the trade value of domestic buyers.

Construction Services
CVR-Home GMBH have long been recognized as civil construction entrepreneurs and Project Design Architects. Their experience applied in Italy, Switzerland and Germany is fully put at the service of the Kosovo Branch to help domestic constructors build modern, energy efficient and financial viable buildings, starting from the apartments to business centers and administrative buildings.

Broker-Dealers and Market Agents Services
Our broker-dealer professionals have long and valuable experience working with financial intermediaries and banking institutions. We advise the clients with broker-dealer issues, ranging from the issues of dealing with investment banks and asset managers, domestic and regional financial intermediaries.

Business development Counseling
CVR-Home GMBH- Kosovo Branch regularly assists its clients in the development of successful business development strategies, including Medium-term investment and operational budgeting to Project Investment Appraisal and socio-economic feasibility studies. We have been effective in solving internal and external problems and in creating healthy relationships within our clients’ business environment and between our clients and regulatory authorities. We have also handled regulatory issues associated with the financing of investment projects.

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  • E-Mail: info@cvr-home.com
  • Phone: (0049) 234 530 480 01
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